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Louisiana State Senators Reunion

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Louisiana Senators Reunion!

Old politicians never die, but they do get together once a year for a reunion.  My first elected office was to the Louisiana state senate back in 1971.  Former senators traditionally get together each May at the Louisianan state Capitol in Baton Rouge, and it’s nice to see old faces and renew acquaintances.  Actually, since I was one of the younger elected officials back in the 70s, many of my colleges have passed on.  Shown are a few old friends below.

Judge Oswald Decuir (above) has been a long time friend, even before we both were elected to office.  He came to the Senate about the time I moved on to being Louisiana’s Secretary of State.

Mark Moriel (above) was a Senator, and then went on to be Mayor of New Orleans following in his father’s footsteps.  He now heads up the National Urban League in New York.  Mark’s dad, Dutch Moriel, practiced law with me for a while in the late 1980s and passed away too soon.

My Senate district was No. 32, encompassing a good bit of Northeast Louisiana.  Pictured above are the four fellows that followed me as Senators.   From left to right, yours truly, Steve Thompson, Dan Richey, Neil Riser and Noble Ellington.

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