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Radio Weekend is close at hand, and we have prepared a lively show for our listeners. We will give a presidential primary update, and fill you in with our take on the latest national news. And do you travel much? If you do, you have to be concerned about the TSA. Every day, passengers file property claims with the TSA for more than $1 million in missing & damaged items but many people are never compensated. What can passengers do to protect their property at TSA checkpoints?  How about in their checked luggage? Evan Cutler founded TSAWatch to help end TSA intimidation, theft, and molestation of travelers nationwide. See more by Clicking Here. He will be our guest.


Then we will talk about how Airline baggage fees can put a dent in your travel budget, not to mention a crimp in your style when you’re trying to fit everything in a small carry-on. Ultra-economical travel expert Russell Hannon finds luggage hassles totally unacceptable and says there are ways to bypass pesky baggage fees and surcharges. See more by Clicking Here.


Finally, good health news. If you like eating spicy foods, researchers have fond you’re likely to have more years to enjoy them. Genome, a magazine dedicated to the latest research on health and longevity just did a cover story on Food as Medicine. Publisher Susan McClure joins us to talk about a new study on spices in food that can give you longer life, maybe even help you live past the century mark.  Click here to find out more on Genome Magazine. See you on the radio.




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