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Continuing our Civil War discussion, April 9th marks the 150th anniversary of the official end of the Civil War. Civil War historian William C. Davis will be our guest to discuss his dual biography of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, “Crucible of Command.” He’ll debunk the myths about these legendary generals using things the men wrote themselves, or that were written about them at the time by people in a position to directly observe and know them. “Grant especially did a lot to shape the way the divided nation came together again and the direction it was to take in the difficult immediate postwar years. As for Lee, his myth and memory after the war have been among the most powerful influences on American attitudes towards our past, and especially in the way Southerners dealt then and with the fact of losing the war. And of course, between the two of them, they are responsible not just for us, but around the world.” Davis is one of America’s top Civil War historians. He’s authored or edited more than fifty books and is a frequent historical consultant for television and film. Click Here to learn more.

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