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Weekend Radio Program Schedule. A jam-packed agenda beginning with a discussion of what began 20 years ago as a bipartisan drive to protect the rights of people to follow their faith against an overbearing government erupted this week into a divisive dispute over gay rights and religious freedom.  Byron Henry is a legal strategist who has a lot of experience with Constitutional cases. He’s been studying the events in Indiana and Arkansas and will weigh in on this controversial dispute. His website is http://www.cowlesthompson.com.

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Then, as it’s Easter Sunday, It is the season for the faithful, but religious author Shane Hayes brings us a timely discussion about a different way of looking at the existence of God. “I call it faith in its simplest form””one step out of atheism, instead of the great leap to Christianity and its complex doctrines. His book, “End of Unbelief: A New Approach to the Question of God,” suggests a strategy designed for hardcore unbelievers. Learn more by Clicking Here. We will see you on the radio. Check local listings for times and stations.


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