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“Common Sense Radio Weekend is shaping up nicely, with a lively list of guests and topics. I want to take close look at the Middle East and how on earth a small band of a Islamic radicals called ISIS has the whole world focused on their destruction and mayhem. What is it they want, and how do we bring and end to the chaos that is now seeping outside the Middle East?


Why is it liberals and conservatives can no longer get along? In his new book, The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever, Agree, renowned author William Gairdner explains why the chasm between the two ideologies is wider than ever and helps adherents of both get past the shouting and outrage to the point of civil discourse””even if they never agree. Find out more on the book by Clicking Here.


And are you really cold this winter? After trying different ways to stay warm outdoors, Harvey Huffenblum knew there had to be a better way..so he created the first ever lozenge that keeps you warm. “B-warm is a revolutionary new formula that helps give you the positive warming affect of niacin, Simply, take 1-2 lozenges every 30-60 minutes” Huffenblum says. Check it out by Clicking Here.  Anything to this? We will find out. So be sure to tune in. Check you local guide for stations and times on Sunday. See you on the radio.


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