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Thunderbolt-A Great Xmas Gift!

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Here is the latest publication from The Lisburn Press that is creating a lot of excitement in the literary world.  Thunderbolt tells the story of a young Louisiana priest is on the fast track for promotion up the chain of authority in the Catholic Church, when he is embraced by a clandestine group of influential bishops from across the United States. The group is working on a viable plan to persuade the Vatican leadership to open for discussion three subjects that have been sacrosanct within the Catholic Church for centuries.

The novel weaves a suspenseful tale that raises such questions as the relevancy ofThe celibacy requirement for priests, the limitation of the priesthood to males, and the need for a changing roll of women in the church.  And it’s also a love story,  Wow! It’s a great read and a wonderful Christmas present.  You can find out more and order the book by Clicking Here.




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