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“Common Sense” Radio Update!

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Fall is in the air, but the Common Sense Radio Weekend Show won’t stop to smell the roses. We have a full program set for this Sunday’s show. Just who is this ISIS, and how big a threat are they really to U.S. citizens? Howard Bloom is a Middle East scholar who has a new book called The Mohammed Code. In it, he discusses the long and short-term consequences of ISIS. How do the powers of ISIS are different than that of al-Qaeda? And can we define the goals of ISIS? He will join us to discuss all these questions. More on the book by Clicking Here.


Then we will talk with Nick Yarris who as on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. He “¨shared a cell with Ted Bundy. He was on Death Row for”¨ 21 years, until DNA proved he was innocent.  Yarris escaped Death Row at age 24, “¨and was the subject of a man-hunt on the FBI’s Most”¨Wanted List. He was recaptured and later became the”¨ first inmate on death row to ask for DNA testing. It “¨took 16 years for him to be exonerated when DNA test “¨results showed he couldn’t have committed the crime he”¨was serving time for. Yarris tells his story in the new”¨book “7 Days to Live.” More on the book by Clicking Here.


And, as we always do, we will update you with facts, sarcasm, and humor on the week’s events. So be sure and tune in. Check your local listings for times and stations.


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