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“Common Sense” Radio Weekend!

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Common Sense Radio Weekend is at hand and we really have a great program set for our listeners all over America. And we do want to welcome a new addition to the “Common Sense” network of stations. KFAR 660am in Fairbanks, Alaska is our newest affiliate. Glad you are part of our network of stations. We note it’s in the 50s in Fairbanks right now. We look forward to talking and hearing from you folks way up north.


My column this weekend is about Ferguson, Mo. Could the same thing happen in your community? We will talk about it. And great news! Our President has decided to end his 16 day vacation and go back to work. Syria, Isis, Ferguson immigration crisis, and the Israeli – Palestine fighting was not enough to keep him off the golf course. We will sure have some comments.


And what are exorcisms and are they still going on in the Catholic Church? Author William Brazzel has written about them in his new book, “The Seventh Holy Man. Read more by Clicking Here. Then we will continue a religious theme as author Chelsen Vicari will talk about her book, “Distortion.”  (See by Clicking Here.)  Are politics, particularly from the Christian left, twisting the Gospel? We will talk about all this and much more. So join us. See you on the radio.


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