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Jindal Gets False Credit!

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We all know that politicians tend to exaggerate from time to time.  But then comes along a brazen public official who outright falsifies the facts.  So be it with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, from my home state.  Kudos to government watchdog C.B. Forgotston, who pointed out how Jindal twisted the facts in a recent interview. Here is C.B.’s take that is right on the money.  You can see Jindal’s misstatements below.

“If you want a good laugh, watch a TV interview from earlier this week of Bobby Jindal by Sean Hannity.  Watch the first 50 seconds (more and you will puke) where Jindal nods in agreement about how Jindal turned a state deficit into a state surplus.No, I didn’t write that wrong. The exact opposite is true. Jindal took a $1.1 Billion surplus left him by Gov. Kathleen Blanco and turned it into at least a $2 Billion deficit. That does not include the increase in the pension funds liability or the increase in state debt.”

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