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FBI Forced to Get the truth!

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You will note a number of articles on the right column of “Relevant News” that pertain to the FBI’s new policy of taping interviews of witnesses and suspects.  The legitimate question is raised of why the FBI has, for so long, been afraid of a small tape recorder.  They are being accused of being intrusive into the lives of all Americans by gaining access to everyone’s emails and phone calls.  Yet when it comes to getting the actual facts and recording the exact words of a conversation, the Bureau has shied away and refused to order agents to “˜get it right’ and tape record the conversation.  Finally, someone in the FBI is using a little “Common Sense’ and a new directive will order agents to record their interviews.  Unfortunately, for many who were convicted, based solely on the memory of an agent, who can make mistakes or carry on his or her own agenda, there is no chance to be declared innocent.  The FBI had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  About time.

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