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Meet Some of My Favorite Movie Stars!

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Like you, I have my favorite movie stars. And guess what? I actually have photos of me with them. Take a gander at the Jim Brown rogue’s gallery.  I’ll sure put in a good word for you if you want to meet any of these well-known ladies. Let me start up with Saundra Bullock below.  She considers home New Orleans and we see her there a good bit.  So we have a lot in common, right?  Just where do we hang out?  Read on.


Then, of course, who could pass up the chance of “hangin’ out with Halle Berry.


“¨And who  wouldn’t want to make small talk with Cameron Diaz?


So, I’ll bet you re impressed-right?  And aren’t you a bit envious that you can’t be around and hang out such big stars like me?  Well, we media guys do get some special breaks.  But here’s my secret.  You can too!  That’s right.  You can hang out with the likes of these lovely Hollywood movie stars.  Ya wanna know how you do it?  Are you ready.  It’s really quite simple.  All you have to do is buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas, check into a glitzy hotel, hop in a limo (you want to make a nice impression), then tell the driver”¦”take me to the Madame Tussand’s Wax Museum.”  And there all the ladies will be.  So enjoy, and tell them all I said hello.

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