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Radio Weekend highlights!

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Radio Weekend is close at hand, and we have an informative and lively program all set for you.  Our nationally syndicated radio show is heard coast to coast, so check local listings for times and stations.  Or listen live right here on Sunday morning from 9:00 am until 11: am central time streamed live over this website, and over the Genesis Communications Network.


Can a psychic help to locate Malaysian Flight 370?  There’s anew book out that tells the supposed power of psychics, and how such “˜gifted” people are hired by law enforcement and many other groups.  Author Louisa Oakley Green will be my guest to talk about how the US Army has ways that psychic abilities are used every day. Louisa spent much of her career as a science writer and her new book, Loitering at the Gate to Eternity: Memoirs of a Psychic Bystander, is a fascinating look at what psychics can possible do.  Find out more of the book by Clicking Here.


And what’s all this controversy abort gluten?  What is it and is it really bad for you?  Let’s find out.  Cathleen Ziegler is the author of an upcoming series of guidebooks designed to help people find quick, meaningful solutions to life’s challenges. Her latest book is “How to Be Gluten-Free in 24 Hours.”   We will review all the week’s national news stories, and bring in a little humor.  So be sure to join us this weekend.

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