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Radio Weekend Program Schedule!

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Hey, here comes the weekend, with a full agenda of issues to discuss on the “Common Sense” radio program.  We are heard all over the country, and live right here on this website each Sunday morning.  Our show goes live from 9:00 am until 11:00 am, but may stations carry our program at different times throughout the weekend, so check your local listings for times and stations.


We will spend some time talking about the true meaning of The Four Horsemen”¨ of the Apocalypse “” perhaps the most frightening,”¨misunderstood and enigmatic characters of the New”¨ Testament more.”¨Author Bob Petti will unveil what most of us”¨never knew about the Four Horsemen, and how that topic”¨impacts our destiny and daily lives.  Sure, a little heavy, but a fascinating topic.  Find out more of Petti’s five-volume “Apocalypse Now” e-book series by Clicking Here. 


Finally, the greed of Wall Street never ceases. Writer Mike Offit was a Wall Street Trader, and has written a fascinating book about the big moneyed high rollers in the financial world.   Read more about “Nothing Personal-A Novel of Wall Street, by Clicking Here.  So a full program, and we hope you will turn in.

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