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Weekend Radio Show Schedule!

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Weekend radio show time is in the wind down stages and we are looking forward to a lively program. Our nationally syndicated show is heard coast to coast, and we urge you to check your local listings for times and stations. We will begin the program by discussing how sports franchises are gouging cities and states across the country in a desperate bid to have a team. Is it worth it? Check out this week’s column above.


Are Death Panels a Real Threat “¨in the Future of Obamacare? “¨Alzheimer’s Advocate John Goetz Says Government’s “¨fallibility is nothing to take lightly, and raises some troubling questions. He will join us to talk about this problem and his book, My Three Moms about his mother’s fight with Alzheimer’s. You can read more about it by Clicking Here.


And how bout the legalization of pot? “It seems only yesterday that Bill Clinton was chewing his lower lip and confessing that yes, he had smoked marijuana in his student years, but he hadn’t actually inhaled. How times have changed. Colorado is the fifth state to legalize marijuana. Should the country do so? Fox News columnist Liz Peek joins us to discuss the issue. You can read more of Liz’s writings by Clicking Here. Join us for quite a lively program. We will see you on the radio.

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