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We will warm op this weekend on the “Common Sense” program with another lively show.  Were you impressed with the President’s “State of the Union” speech?  I wasn’t.  We will talk about it.  Pete Seeger dies and Jay Leno retires.  We will look back.


And we’ve all heard it often enough in recent years: “The United States is going the way of the Roman Empire,” which essentially bankrupted itself in the 5th century.  “The wonderful thing about studying history is that we can identify and understand our ancestors’ mistakes and avoid making the same ones,” says James Mace, who will join us in our first hour ad talk about a comparison between the two eras of history.  You can look over his several books by Clicking here.


Finally, we will talk about the growing problem of identity theft. At least 110 million consumers were affected by the hack involving Target and Neiman Marcus retailers. Whether or not millions more will have their identities manipulated and finances ruined within the coming months is anyone’s guess, says identity theft recovery expert Scott A. Merritt.  He has a new book out titled: “Identity Theft Do’s and Don’ts.”Â Check it out here at www.cottamerritt.com.  See you on the radio.

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