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“Common Sense” Radio Weekend is close at hand, and we have a good show lined up for our many listeners allover the country.  We will certainly discuss my controversial column (See above) as to why we are not today the Greatest Generation.  But are we the dumbest generation as some have written?  And since Christmas is right around the corner, we will get an update cost of the 12 days of Christmas.  You will be surprised at what inflation has done in determining the price of the two Turtle Doves and the Partridge in a pear tree.


 Dr. Hood Katz, the Dentist to the Stars in California, will also join us in the first hour of our show to discuss the worst holiday foods for both your health and your breath.  We all want to enjoy the holidays, but keep healthy.  And who wants to have bad breath?  You can check out your own breath at Dr. Katz website for free at www.therabreath.com.


Then, in our second hour, we will talk with Robert Conroy, a security expert, who brings us up to date on the NSA spying that continues to grow all across America.  We will also discuss his newest book, “1930-America’s Greatest War,” a book that explores what could have been the history of the United States with less intelligence. Read more about it by Clicking Here.   So check your local listings for time and stations.  We will see you on the radio.


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