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Bobby Short-A Real Favorite!

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If you come to this site regularly, you know that I’m an unabashed music fan. I like it all from hard-core country to Opera. And from time to time, I post a variety of videos. Look at this week’s song on my jukebox. One my all-time favorites is Bobbie Short. I’ve heard him for years at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, as well as other venues around the country. My wife and I were in the Carlisle late one night, with only a few people in the audience. Who walks in but Gloria Vanderbilt, the artist, actress, designer and socialite who happens to be the mother of newscaster Anderson Cooper. Gloria and Bobby Short were quite an item at that time. We set there for several hours as he sang one love song after another to her. They must have been having some problems the time, for after number of songs, she ran out the door in tears. What a sight to see. Here’s a great Bobby Short song below where you can see him on the screen, and get an idea about what a great performer he is.

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