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Weekend “Common Sense” Radio Show

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This week’s Weekend “Common Sense“ radio program is shaping up as a fully packed agenda of current front burner problems and issues. We will elaborate on this week’s posted column on the ineptitude of almost non-existent congressional oversight of the various American intelligence agencies. And are there limits on just how much spying the government should be doing? We will certainly talk about it. Dr. Mark Thornton, an American Economist who is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute, will be our guest to talk about government overreach. You can read his various writings at www.mises.org.


And how can you put a little zip in your daily work, organizations which are involved, and meetings that you participate in. Author Delia Horwitz, who’s written a new book called “Collaboration Soup,“ will join us to give her business perspective. You can find out all about her ideas and the book by Clicking Here. So be sure to tune in for a lively show.

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