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Time for Weekend Radio Program!

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Yes, the weekend is fast approaching, and we’re getting all set for other lively radio program this weekend.  We will discuss several Supreme Court decisions that were handed down this week. Of course, the Voting Rights Act that is so controversial. I wrote about it in my column of this week, so take a look.  And is support for gay marriage growing? The Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal in California, in that couples have certain guaranteed civil rights. The debate will go on for sometime, but we’ll talk about it.


Our old friend Steve Berry, who has been in the program a number of times, will join us again to talk about his new best-selling book, The King’s Deception.  It’s a  Dan Brown-ian secular conspiracy about The Virgin Queen driving nonstop international intrigue. The book jumps into a high-stakes diplomatic showdown””an international incident fueled by geopolitical gamesmanship and strange Tudor secrets. Throw in a Libyan terrorist and you have a compelling read.  I thought so.  You can read all about the book by Clicking Here.

And of course we will spend some time trying to find a balance between surveillance, security, and our freedoms.  I talked about this dilemma on several of our previous shows, and have written about it extensively.   Corydon Dunham spent years dealing with legal issues for NBC news. He will give his overview of government overreach.  So all in all, we will have a fact filled and exciting show. Check your local listings for times and stations. We will see you on the radio.

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