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Spying on America!

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Are you at all troubled by the new revelations that the federal government is monitoring virtually every aspect of your life?  Many people feel that it makes no difference for they “have nothing to hide.”Â  I wonder how many peasants felt that way over 300 years ago when King Richard’s Army regularly entered anyone’s home and carried on whatever search his minions desired.  You see, we have this little thing called the Constitution that a great number of Americans have died to defend. I tried this week, in my new column, to set out the pros and cons of government spying.  That’s right.  When you gather up a complete dossier on every American who is under no investigation, then that’s simply spying on every American citizen.  Check out my new column, and see if you agree. You can read it by clicking on the Flashing Red Box above, or by Clicking Here.

And check out then Senator, and now Vice President Biden,  talking about how intrusive the same kind of spying going on today was wrong  under the Bush administration. So  it was wrong when Bush was president but OK today.

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