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Keep an Eye on Ted Cruz!

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There is something quite startling that seems to be happening up in the nation’s capital. The newly elected, younger upstarts are making a major effort to taking control, particularly within the Republican Party. And you know what? That might not be just all that bad. Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas, and Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky, are at he top of these new revolutionaries’ that are gaining criticism from many of the old guard, but getting a lot of attention from both the press and many disgusted Republicans. T=Cruz, in particular, seems to be the focus of many attacks from Democrats. I don’t agree with some of what the guy says. But I’ll readily audit that he touches a nerve from independent like myself who are disgusted with both parties in Washington. Take a look below about some of his recent statements on the floor of the Senate. Then, and this may surprise you, check out Democratic operative James Carville’s comments about the fact the Cruz just might represent the future of the Republican Party. Keep an eye on this guy.

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