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No Bank Should Be Too Big To Fail!

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 The Big Megabanks took taxpayers to the cleaners in 2008 accepting some $700 billion in federal funds and claiming they were way to big to fail.  But has anything really changed.  Nary a Wall Street Banker was convicted in the bailout fiasco, and many think the same old, same old is still taking place in the big bank community.  Stepping up to the plate with a new proposal are two U.S. Senators, who have offered ideas that are worth considering.  Ohio’s Sherrod Brown and Louisiana’s David Vitter are on the right track.  I’ve worked with each of them on problem solving in the past.  Take a look at my new column that tries to make sense of these big banks who want to say too big to fail.  You can read it now by going to the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here.

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