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Lively Weekend Radio Show Scheduled!

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Weekend “Common Sense” radio is fast approaching, and our staff is putting together a lively program that will cover a variety of issues.  Former United States Sen. and presidential candidate Bob Dole thinks the Republican Party should hang a sign on its door saying “closed for repairs.”Â  Dole has never been one to mince words, and he feels the GOP has run out of new ideas and any positive agenda.  Do you agree?  We will talk about it at some length on Sunday’s program.


Then we will talk with author Thomas Fleming, who has a controversial new book out called “a Disease in the Public Mind.” He has raised the question as to why in the United States, Americans turned on one another in the Civil War, when no other country that has slavery had the internal fighting found in America. Why the bloodshed? Were there no other alternatives?  You can read more about Fleming’s book by Clicking Here.


And how bad is caffeine for you? The Food and Drug Administration, prompted by growing public pressure, announced this month plans to investigate the use of caffeine as an additive, with a focus on the risks it poses to children and adolescents.  How far should the government go in telling the public what the can and cannot do in what they consume.  We will hear from the Competitive Enterprise Institute on too much government involvement in our lives.  So be sure and join us for a lively show.

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