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Big Brother and Too Many New Laws!

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Members of Congress of the nation’s capital seem almost obsessed with passing new criminal laws.  Are there that many crimes in the U.S?  And any of the federal crimes seem to be punitive, arbitrary and bewildering.  Harvard law professor William Stuntz puts it this way: “We are coming even closer to living in a country where laws on the books makes everybody a felon, and prosecutors get to decide what the law is and who has violated it.”

Our representatives in Washington now want to delve into any number of local crimes, flaunting the intention of our country’s founders.  Drugs, robbery, car theft, the list goes on and on.  What happened to the 14th amendment and states rights?  John Rutherford, with the Rutherford Institute eloquently talks about how we are being over-run by intrusions of the federal government.  Take a look.  And you can read my thoughts on way too many federal laws in a past column by Clicking Here.

Clicking Here.

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