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Worst Criminal Justice System in America!

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Is there something exquisitely special about New Orleans? Of course there is, and wherever you live in the country, you know it. That is, in the private sector.  Jazz, food, artists, writers, and creative young people moving in to the Crescent City in record numbers.  But, unfortunately, the city that care forgot has a criminal legal system that is completely out of whack.  Remember the movie with Nicholas Cage called Bad Lieutenant Port of New Orleans?  Cage is a crooked cop, and at one point tells his partner to “˜Shoot him again.”Â  Why, he’s dead,” says the other cop. Cage says: “His soul is still dancing.”Â  It would seem that the justice system is bleeding the city to death.  Killing its soul if you will.  Take a look at my column on this great cities’ tragedy.  You can read it now by Clicking on the Red Flashing Box above, or by Clicking Here. And take a look at this shocking video of the New Orleans prison system below.

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