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What a news week. The terrible tragedy in Boston, the gun control debate in Washington, immigration reform on the front burner, many states are struggling to stay afloat financially, and deep concerns about terrorism all over America. We will cover all these topics on the “Common Sense” program.


In this era of continuing constitutional challenges on any number of issues, how would the first president, George Washington, handle so many of these crises? And is it really fair to compare what’s happening in America today to the time of the founding fathers? Times were different then. Does that make a difference of how we interpret the Constitution? Dr. Logan Beirne has written a fascinating book called blood of tyrants, about how George Washington forged his presidency. We will put many of these questions about Washington directly to him. You can find out for information about his book by Clicking Here.


And finally, Dr. Kate Tulenko will join us to talk about immigration, and the fact that many Americans are losing their jobs to high-value immigrants in the medical field. Her new book, “How Importing Jobs Impacts the Health Crisis Here and Abroad,” points out this problem, and you can find out more by Clicking Here.  See you on the radio!

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