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A Heart Healthy Radio Weekend!

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The weekend is quickly rolling around, and the “Common Sense” show will be on the air before you know it. We really have a lively show set for this week coming up. Ten years ago, America began the Iraq war to find supposedly weapons of mass distraction. They were nowhere to be found, and thousands of American lives, and several trillion dollars later we are limping back home with much of the rest of the world skeptical of what the mission was all about. We will talk about it on this weekend’s program.


And how’s you heart doing? Are you taking a satin? Statin drugs are by far the most over-prescribed treatment for dealing with heart disease; could this being a $31 billion dollar a year industry have something to do with the pharmaceutical industry keeping this drug so close to Americans’ hearts? We will talk with best-selling nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden, (as seen on Dr. Oz & “˜The Doctors’) about what he says is the deceit of the drug industry and his new book, The Great Cholesterol Myth. You can get information about the book by Clicking Here.

And we will end the show by giving our listeners advice on finding affordable insurance, and list a number of insurance scams going on all over the nation. So be sure and tune in thi8s Sunday on stations from coast to coast.

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