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The Tragedy of Aaron Broussard!

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The former president of one of the Louisiana’s largest parishes (counties) is heading to jail.  Aaron Broussard is preparing to head to prison for three years and 10 months for conspiracy to commit bribery and theft from a program receiving federal funds.  “I apologize for disgracing my office,” said Broussard shortly after he learned of his sentence.  He was one of Louisiana’s longest serving public officials and was well known all over the state.  Most observers will tell you Broussard was a progressive public official who did a lot of good for his constituents. But he let his guard down, and sought personal benefit that brought him down.

It was 10 1/2 years ago on a Sunday morning when Broussard appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” as the damage of Katrina throughout south Louisiana was still overwhelming. Federal help was slow in arriving. Broussard or gave an impassioned speech, breaking down in tears.  You can see his emotional response to Moderator Tim Russet’s questions below.

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