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Radio Weekend from New York City Coming Up!

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The “Common Sense” radio show will again broadcast live this weekend from New York City.  Listeners throughout New Jersey and New York City can hear us over station WVNJ, 1160 A.M.  Sure it’s cold up here, with snow projected for the weekend. Quite a different changeup from the shorts and short sleeve shirt weather we have in my hometown in Baton Rouge.  But whatever the weather, we have a full and lively show plan for you; we hope you’ll tune in.

 We have heard so much, in the recent financial crisis, about how everybody has an idea that Wall Street and the politicians who are supposed to watch it are corrupt, not many people know how or why, or can it explain it in a way that everyone can understand.  Moshe Silver, a veteran compliance specialist and no-holds-barred financial sector analyst, can and will join us in the first hour of our Sunday program.

Silver not only exposes the TOP 3 WAYS WASHINGTON AND WALL STREET CAUSE THE FINANCIAL CRISIS, but does it in a way that anyone can understand; and he clearly spells out the ramifications for those of us who are not in the financial sector. His book is called “Fixing a Broken Wall Street,’ and you can read all about it by Clicking Here.

 And why is it that Government almost always responds to a crisis or tragedy by attacking the rights and privacy of law-abiding citizens?    First it was the Patriot Act, one of the worst pieces of legislation ever conceived by Congress.  Today, it is the Second Amendment and our privacy.  Tomorrow, it will be greater government control of the Internet.  And in the weeks ahead, it will be critical decisions about the debt ceiling and whether Washington will finally have the guts to cut spending and face the reality of an unsustainable $16 Trillion debt.  Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is chairman of a group called “Our America Initiative,” formed to defend our liberty and our economic freedom from the nonstop attacks by the government.  He will join us during the second hour of our program. You can find out more about Our America Initiative by Clicking Here. So be sure and join us.

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