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Jam Packed Weekend Radio Show!

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The “Common Sense Show” will be broadcast live this weekend from New York City.  Listeners they are can hear our program on one of our larger stations in the country, WBNJ, that is heard it throughout New York City as well as all of New Jersey.  Remember, listeners on the East Coast along the eastern seaboard hear our show one hour later from 10 AM until 12 noon on Sunday morning.

 We have a full agenda, with a variety of guests, so I hope you will tune in.  And since we are in the hot spot of the latest national disaster, we will talk with John Englander, whose new book, “High Tide on Main Street“ examines past weather patterns, and makes some predictions of future storms.  Yu can read about his new book by Clicking Here.

  We will also talk with the authors of a national best seller, “Rethinking Money.“ The book points out that just as computer operating systems become obsolete, so has our system of money. Complementary currencies are meant to be used alongside our federal dollars. There are more than 4,000 alternative currencies already working successfully throughout the world, including BerkShares in Massachusetts.  The authors, Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne, paint a fasicanating picture of how we will trade and pay in the future.  You; can read about their book by Clicking Here.

 A full packed program, so turn in.  We will see you on the radio.


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