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Sunday on the Radio!

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One more radio program for the year 2012.  And we certainly will have much to talk about.  We will look at the year in review, and make some predictions for 2013.  Have you made your New Year’s resolutions?  I have a number of my own to share with you.  The fiscal cliff, guns, video games, mental health”¦boy, we can go on and on.

Author Brian Vanyo will join us to talk about his new book, the American ideology. Brian is unconstitutional scholar, goes back to the founding fathers. He has concerns about the growing national debt, class warfare, and too much regulation.  But whose fault is it, Republicans or Democrats? I’ll ask Brian all this. You can find out more about his new book by Clicking Here. 

You wake up one morning and your bank account is inaccessible””you can’t pay for so much as a cup of coffee. You can’t get your prescriptions filled and even if you did, you have no way of knowing if they’ve been contaminated. Every form of communication is down. Trucks can’t get through endless miles of gridlock to deliver food.  Even if they could get the public utilities back online, you have no way of knowing if the water has been polluted.  Sound like science fiction or an episode of Revolution?  HIDING IN SUNSHINE , John and Caitlin Stuart’s tautly realistic thriller,  paints a chilling picture of what could actually happen if there was a cyber-attack on the physical infrastructure and banking system in America,The authors will join us on the show, and you can read more about their book by Clicking Here.

So a lively New Year’s eve program.  Be sure to listen.  We will see you on the radio!  And Happy New Year!

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