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Are We Falling Off a Fiscal Cliff?

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So what’s all this talk about falling off the fiscal cliff, and the huge damage that will be incurred by the U.S. economy?  According to a whole batch of experts, a new day of reckoning is fast approaching. In just a few weeks, we are warned, the country will be standing on the edge of the so-called “fiscal cliff.”Â  So just what is this new financial “apocalypse,” and who allowed us to get on this track headed for economic catastrophe?  Is it for real, or just another Washington bluff job to cry wolf and jam through questionable legislation?  I take a close look at it in my new column now posted.  You can read it by Clicking Here or by going to the Flashing Red Box above.  And if humor is appropriate, take a gander below at some of the takes on this so called “physical cliff.”

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