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As the end of the year grows near, there is so much to talk about on the weekend Common sense” program.  This weekend is no exception.  Have you seen the new movie called “Lincoln?”Â  It showcases one of America’s most popular presidents.  Sixteen thousand books written about him.  But should he have tried harder to bring the Civil War to an end without so much bloodshed?  Over one million soldiers   What could he, what should he have done?  Civil War scholar Tom DiLorenzo will join our sow as a guest to express just these concerns. He has written a number of books on Lincoln’s failure to find a more peaceful solution.  You can read about all his works by Clicking Here.


And we will also have joining our show fiction writer Allan Topol who using is novel to express his concern over the future threat of China to American interests.  Topol argues that President Obama’s trip to the Asia Pacific Region in mid-November of 2011 demonstrated that at long last leaders in the administration recognize the military threat posed by China.  Unfortunately, Obama’s language and his actions are not sufficient to persuade China and other nations of the Region that the United States is a credible counterweight to China’s growing military power. He will discuss his new book, THE CHINA GAMBIT, and you can get more information by Clicking Here. 

And finally, just what role should the federal government play in paying for disaster relief following major storms like hurricanes Sandy and Katrina? (It’s always the ladies, isn’t it).  Matt Meyer with the Heritage Foundation argues that Some East Coast politicians seem to view Hurricane Sandy and the federal money for the recovery effort as some sort of lottery that they have hit. This mentality is best summed up in a Bloomberg News headline: “Sandy Seen as Stimulus, Thanks to Rebuilding.”Â  Is this a fair view?  Just how far do the Feds go in helping after a disaster?  And just what is the state’s role?  We will explore all this in our second hour.  You can find out more about the Heritage Foundation by Clicking Here,

 Be sure and tune in for a lively program. Check your local listings for the exact time of the “Common Sense” show in your part of the country.  We are heard on AM and FM radio stations coast to coast.


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