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It’s our post Thanksgiving show this weekend, with much to cover in the news.  Black Friday, the continuing flare-ups in the Middle East, weak, real weak, movie choices.  (Skyfall a real waste of time.  We sure miss your realism James Bond. And Lincoln?  I wasn’t impressed Steven Spielberg).  But we will certainly have a lively discussion.

And more on the continuing fall out over the Petraeus scandal.  After all, nothing titillates the nation’s capital like a sex scandal masquerading as a policy controversy. But Ivan Eland says the media needs some political cover to continue getting to the bottom of this scintillating story. “Here’s an angle that might actually help the country. The real scandal doesn’t involve sex, spy role and its potential violation of the civil liberties of those  investigation. Eland is a senior fellow and director of the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan, research and the Middle East.”   His new book is titled”Â  “”No War for Oil:  U.S. Dependency and the Middle East.”  And you  can order and find out more about it by Clicking Here.

 I think most of my listeners will agree that there is rarely any unbiased media reporting in America today.  This issue is dissected in a new book called  Race-Baiter, where veteran journalist and media critic Eric Deggans dissects the powerful ways modern media feeds fears, prejudices, and hate, while also tracing the history of the word and its consequences, intended or otherwise.  A timely, relevant and lively topic.  You can order this book by Clicking Here.


Warplanes, drones and rockets are criss-crossing the sky over Gaza for the sixth day Monday as Israel pressed its air offensive against Gaza militants. In Israel, air raid sirens wailed throughout the day and troops shepherded residents into bomb shelters as rockets arched overhead. In Gaza City, rockets streaked away toward Israel as smoke and fire poured from buildings struck by Israeli warplanes or drones.  What is this conflict all about?  Professor Richard Falk is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestinian Territories and a professor of international law emeritus at Princeton University.  He will join me in our final segment to try to figure this all out.  His website is www.richardfalk.wordpress.com. And here is as video of one of his recent lectures below.

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