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Politics, Violence and the Middle East on the Radio!

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It’s the Weekend Update.  The “Common Sense” radio program, nationally syndicated and heard on stations from coast to coast,  is gearing up for a lively and informative October Sunday show.  We kick off with an overview of the turmoil in the Middle East.  I saw it first hand last week.  Violence in Turkey and economic chaos in Greece.  And no matter who lis elected as President, can the U.S. really make any difference?  We will also filter in the Vice Presidential debate.  Does anyone really vote because of who the vice presidential candidate might be?  We will talk about it.
 We will also take a look at a similar violent time some 70 years ago,  where America is accused of tuning their back on a huge atrocity. America’s Soul in the Balance, written by our Sunday guest Gregory Wallance,  casts a bright, highly disturbing spotlight on the moral bankruptcy of U.S. State Department bureaucrats who sabotaged any attempt to
come to the assistance of European Jews, or to publicize their dire fate, during the Holocaust. Read all about this compelling new book by Clicking Here.
Then Professor Dean Gualco joins us to express his concerns that Dean  we’re become a society not of independent frontiersmen, but dependent citizens quick to blame the government for our predicament. What would our forefathers think of the U.S. now?  Dean says they would probably be ashamed if they saw the state of our political affairs, the insecurity and instability of our people, and how the country betrayed its promise of a better life and a better world.  You  can read and order his  new book,“The Choices and Consequences of Our Age: The Disintegrating Economic, Political, and Societal Institutions of the United States,”Â Â by Clicking Here.  All this and more on the “Common Sense” show. So be sure and tune in.

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