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Jam Packed Weekend Radio Show!

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The election is now days away, and we certainly will have some lively guests on this week’s show who will give a variety of formatting and their views as to what will happen.  Current polls show a possible dead heat, so it all comes down to who actually shows up to vote.  As a former statewide official, I’ve had a lot of experience in the “getting out the vote” effort, and I’ll share my perspective.

Consultant Donald Mann will join us and he believes that politicians want to encapsulate the message that will get you to vote for them, but does it work? This expert in slogans will discuss how political slogans and subconscious persuasion can change the vote and share how politics are influenced by science and theology and ways their co-mingling can result in political gains.   Sounds heavy, but we will talk about his thoughts  .  His new book is called”OK God, Now What?” and you can get more information about it by Clicking here.

We will also have Mary Jane McKittrick talk abut how you discuss the election with your kids.  Elections are a great learning tool.  Kids see the campaign ads bombarding households these days, but what do they understand about what’s going on? Elections are great times to teach kids about politics, and groom a new generation of civic leaders.  Mary Jane’s latest book, “Boomer and Halley – Election Day,” helps adults address politics with youngsters 4-8.  You can check it out by Clicking Here.

And our old friend, Evangelist Alan Aimes will check in with us from way down under.  He lives in Australia, but will be on a national U.S. tour beginning next week.  Alan is not a minister, but many will testify that he has healing powers, and we will discuss his calling and special gift. His website is www.alanaimes.org. So a full packed show. Be sure and tune in, and we will see you on the radio.

Alan Aimes

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