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What a Weekend for Radio!

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This Sunday’s “commonsense” radio show is shaping up to be a real barnburner, with a jam-packed list of guests and topics. You sure don’t want to miss tuning in. We will start off with the authors of the new movie, Patriocracy.  This new documentary by Emmy-award winning (and former TV news producer) Brian Malone, examines the mechanics of partisan polarization in our country ““ in large part fueled by media consolidation, the rise of media pundits and opinionators, and the tactics of spin doctors –  a dangerous dynamic that is defining the 2012 elections and our future.

Then Michael Cicchini, author of the best seller, TRIED AND CONVICTED, will join our show.  He argues, convincingly, that today we live in a hyper-vigilant, “tough on crime” society, and the criminal justice system has become big business for the government.  And as the government’s reach grows more expansive, citizens from all walks of life are being ensnared in the system and charged with crimes ““ often for things they didn’t even know were criminal.  This, of course, makes our constitutional rights more important than ever.  But just how strong are these rights?  We will ask Michael.

 And finally, as we often do, healthy eating and living will be on our list in a conversation with John Schlimm, author of THE TIPSY VEGAN and GRILLING VEGAN STYLE.  It may be time to give a listen and get yourself in good shape while loosing weight.  To find out more of John’s book, Click Here. So be sure and give a listen.  We will see you on the radio!



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