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Politics and Chemicals in Your Food!

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After a lively broadcast last week from Boone, North Carolina, the “Common Sense” weekly national radio show returns to Baton Rouge and its flagship station, WJBO, 1150 am, this coming Sunday. Kicking off our program will be a prediction of who Mitt Romney will choose as his vice presidential running mate. Will it be Louisiana’s own Governor Bobby Jindal? Or the present front-runner, Sen. Rob Portman from Ohio? We will share our thoughts and take our calls.

Also joining us will be national nutrition expert Doug Ingoldsby, who argues that 90% of what we et contains harmful chemicals. They are used to standardize flavor Doug sys. That’s why a McDonald’s French fry in Maine smells the same as one in Florida,” says Ingoldsby. The chemicals used to produce the smell and taste are the same.” How bad is it for us? We will ask Doug this very question. You can read his website by Clicking Here.

Much more on our schedule, and we will update it in the next few days. So be sure and tune in.

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