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Healthcare and Civil War Deaths on the Radio!

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Sunday’s Radio Show is shaping up to be full of controversy and excitement. Republicans and Democrats continue to beat each other up over the U.S. Supreme Court’s healthcare decision, yet how many voters are really tuning in? 41% of those polled were not even aware of the decision. And is it all that big of a campaign issue? We will also have on the show Dr. Mathew Edland who says staying healthy is the key to lowering the cost of healthcare. We will discuss his new book “Healthy Without Healthcare” and you can read more about it by Clicking Here.

Professor James Downs has a controversial new book out that concludes deaths related to the Civil War were way understated. I’ve written about this in the past. You will be surprised that over a million American’s died after the war because of inadequate medical help. So now we are talking about two million Americans who were died or killed. Was it worth the price? Read more of Prof. Downs’s book, Sick from Freedom, by Clicking Here.

So b sure and tune to the Common Sense show heard all lover America on the Genesis Communications Network. Sunday from 9:00 am until 11:00 am central time, and other times in your local area.  See you on the radio!

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