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Radio Time This Weekend!

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Radio time over the weekend on the “Common Sense” program with so much ground to cover, and we sure hope you will tune in.  The show is broadcast live over the Genesis Communications network and sent out to stations all over the nation.  Our live feed goes out at 9:00 am central time, but numerous stations carry the “Common Sense” program later in the afternoon, with repeats throughout the week.  Will have a full program in store so if you cannot listen live, be sure and check lout our podcasts.  To listen to a podcast of a recent show, Click Here.

The crisis in healthcare is the topic of my column this week, and we will pursue how to handle this complicated issue on this week’s show.  In the first hour, we will be joined by Joe Flower, a healthcare expert who will discuss his ideas from his book,  “Healthcare Beyond Reform-Doing it Right for Half the Cost.”Â  You can check out Joe, his website, and his order his book by Clicking Here.

 We will also be joined in our second hour by Gregg Jackson, who, along with his co author Steve Deace, has written a controversial book titled “We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again.  Talk about an opinionated subject.  You can find out about these guys and order their book by Clicking Here.

 Also in the pot, we will take a look at the controversy over holocaust victims in the U.S. being undermined by both the Bush and the Obama administrations.  And how about former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura’s idea to abolish both political parties?  He says it’s time to shake up the two party system.  See if you agree.  A full agenda set for this week’s show, so be sure and tune in.  We will see you on the radio.



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