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Campbell Brown on Planned Parenthood!

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The New York Times Op Ed page features an article this Sunday by daughter Campbell on the self-destructive behavior of Planned Parenthood, the national organization that has experienced so much recent controversy.  Whether you are for against abortion, and whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you should find the article thought provoking.  She leaves no doubt abut her strong concerns.  The article beings:

PLANNED PARENTHOOD has a large target on its back. At no time in the organization’s history has it faced such a concerted Congressional challenge to its agenda. But most worrisome is the organization’s shrinking number of defenders, and Planned Parenthood has only itself to blame. It has adopted a strategy driven by blind partisanship, electing to burn bridges instead of building them. That strategy is damaging, and possibly imperiling, its mission.

To read the entire article in the Times, Click Here.

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