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Weekend Radio Heats Up!

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The countdown has begun for this week’s “Common Sense“ radio program, and we have a full plate on tap for our listeners this Sunday. Check your local listings and you can always listen live right here on this website. Our network continues to grow and we want to welcome two new stations; WRJM 1270am and 107.5fm out of Charleston, Illinois, and WHOW 1520am and 92.3fm that broadcasts from Decatur/Bloomington, Illinois.  Glad you listeners in America’s heartland will be tuning in.

 Do we need to rewrite America’s constitution?  A number of people think so.  I was a delegate to a constitutional convention back in 1973 that rewrote my State of Louisiana’s constitution.  But a rewrite of what was conceived by the Founding Fathers?  That may be a big task to take on.  Paul Antinori has written a new book called “Convention: To Resurrect the U.S. Constitution,” and he feels the old document needs another good review.  He will join us on Sunday.  You can find out more of Paul’s ideas and new book by Clicking Here.

 We will also talk about the complete breakdown and dysfunction of the criminal justice system in New Orleans (See this week’s column).  And we always talk about what it takes to keep you healthy, with some good tips about vitamins.  Should you be taking them?  A full agenda on the “Common Sense“ program this weekend, so be sure and turn in.


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