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On the Radio this Weekend!

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The weekend “Common Sense” Radio Show is close at hand, and we have another interesting line up for our listeners. Presidential politics is on our agenda, and we will take a look at who is seriously in the running for Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee.  Does he play to the voting blocks he needs, particularly Hispanics, or does he pick the best person to take over as President if the need arises?

And do you have a bad back?  We will talk to a back expert to give you tips on how to minimize the pain and get you straightened out.  Dr. Vaughn Dabbs will join us to talk about his ideas in his new book, “This is Why Your Back Hurts.”Â  You can read about it now by Clicking Here.

Also, we will talk with author J.D. Davis, about his new best seller, The “Unconquered.”Â  This book brings back many memories to me as it covers the lives of the three great Ferriday, Louisiana natives, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley (see next story) and Rev. Jimmy Swaggart.  You can get information on J.D.s book by Clicking Here, and see my interview with him below.
So be sure and tune in, this Sunday Morning.

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