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Great Radio Listening this Weekend!

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It’s a long, hot summer with plenty to talk about on the weekend “Common Sense” radio show.  This week, we look at healing thyself.  Stem Cell Therapy is quickly becoming a popular treatment for sports related injuries and as a fast and effective alternative to other injuries to the joints and spine. Stem cell therapy has proven to provide amazing results that has changed lives by using the body’s own stem cells to repair and heal itself.  Dr. Damon Noto is one of the few doctors in New York who perform stem cell therapy, and he will be our guest during the first hour of Sunday’s program.  For more information about his work, Click Here.

And have you heard about Diane Tran, an 11th grade honor student at Willis High School in Houston (TX), who was placed in jail after repeated truancy? Since her parents divorced and left her and her two siblings, she has been the sole income earner for the family. To support herself and siblings she works a full time job plus a part-time job while taking advancement and dual credit college level courses in high school. The Texas Judge, Lanny Moriarty, ordered the exhausted Ms. Tran to pay a $100 fine and spend 24 hours in jail as a lesson. There is a new support group trying to help this courageous young lady and their spokesman, Charlie Davis, will join us.  You can get full information on this young lady’s struggles by Clicking Here.

A full radio show schedule so be sure and join us by checking your local listing, or by listening live or by podcast right here on this site.  See you on the radio.


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