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Diana Ross-Still a SuperStar!

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Can we even remember for how many years we have been listening to Diana Ross sing one hit after the other?  Back in my elected official’s days in the mind 1980s, I held a fundraiser in Baton Rouge with this music Diva.  She was a superstar then and still is today.  She had me up on the stage to dance with her, and she had to stop and laugh at my questionable but colorful dance steps. I was in that number on the Mississippi Gulf Coast recently for her sold out concert, and had the chance after the show to visit for a bit.  “Of course I remember dancing with you,” she told me.  Yeah, right!  Then she laughed again.  It was a treat visiting with her, she really seemed to enjoy her audience, and her voice has not changed on bit. Take a listen at the lady below.

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