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Don’t Tell Me to Speak English!

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It the political rage throughout the country to demand that English should be the official language.  And quite frankly, I agree.  That is, from the public perspective.  I occasionally get a bit irritated when I’m told to “press one for English, two for Spanish” etc.  If a U.S. governmental body insists on printing forms, giving tests, and processing governmental applications only in English, then that is how the process works.  It’s the law.  But what about the right to decide what’s best for its citizens?  If any state feels the need to offer services in another language, that should be its prerogative.  In some areas of my home state of Louisiana, French is the only language spoken by older Cajuns.  Take a look at my analysis and see if you agree.  You can read my new column now by Clicking Here, or by going to the Flashing Red Box above.

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