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Springtime Radio Events this Weekend!

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The Springtime means a busy radio time for us here at the “Common Sense” show.  There is so much going on as you can tell from looking over this website this week.  I will, of course, have a full report from baseball spring training in Tampa, Florida, as I do every year at this time.  Then we turn to March Madness, as the 68 teams to make the college basketball tourney will be picked on Sunday.  Lisa Belkov-Snyder is a national sports commentator, and she will give us an overview of this year’s competition.  Do you have a favorite team?  My North Carolina Tar Heels were the pre season favorite, but they will have their hands full to make it to the Final Four this year.  Lisa will join the show at 9:30 central time.

  The Bible, Nostradamus, the Mayans: These are just a few of several sources that seem to predict an apocalypse””or in other words, the end of the world””in the year 2012. Some believe that war or an asteroid will destroy everything, while others take a gentler view and predict an age of enlightenment. What, if anything, is really going to happen?  We will interview Bible scholar and author Damon Author on what to expect at the end of this year.  He is the author of “Codename:The Revelation, and you can find out more of this book by Clicking here.

And how about this big football scandel breaking in the NFL?  The New Orleans Saints now have admitted to putting a bounty on knocking an opposing player out of a game.  You do this by purposely taking “cheap shots” and trying your best to injure an opponent.  I personally think the league officials shoud come down hard on those teams that encouraged such a barbarian practice.  Sports Expert John Greenburg will join me to discuss the reprecussions of “Bountygate.”Â  His latest bok is called:”The Grand Old Man: Alonzo Stagg,” and you can find out more of John and the book by Clicking Here.  So be sure to tune in this weekend.



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