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“Common Sense” Radio Show this weekend!

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The nation will be watching Louisiana this weekend as the Republican presidential primaries reach the half way mark.  Will Louisiana make any real difference?  The former governor down here, Buddy Roemer, was running as a Republican.  But he became disillusioned when he was shut out of the national debates.  So he is taking his campaign on a quest to receive the third party nomination of Americans Elect.  He will join us Sunday to discuss his new strategy.  You can read about his new approach by Clicking Here.

Religion and Politics.  Can they mix responsibility?  And are there negatives to the religious challenges we see all across America today?  We will explore this controversial subject on the “Common Sense” program this weekend.  Author and Notre Dame Professor David Campbell has written that a “new religious fault line” exists in America, a deep political polarization that has transcended denominationalism as the greatest chasm in religious life.  His book is called “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us,” and you can find out more of this fascinating subject by Clicking Here.  Professor Campbell joins us in the first hour of hour show this weekend.  You can also hear some of his thoughts on this subject in the video below.

And are you happy with current gas prices?  We will talk to an expert about what to expect in the future.  Professor Michael Klare will be available to discuss high gas prices and his book, The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources. You can read all about his book by Clicking Here.  So a lively program and we hope you will tune in.  See you on the radio.

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