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Sunday Radio Show Schedule!

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The Common Sense program has a full packed schedule for this weekend.  We will update the presidential race, with Mitt Romney moving a step closer to the nomination.  And how about Louisiana’s own Buddy Roemer, who says he will run as a Third Party candidate?  Maybe he won’t garner that many votes, but in a close presidential election, who will he hurt most?  I’ll let you know that I think!

We will talk with author Laura Caldwell, one of the nation’s most popular crime writers.  Her new book, “Question of trust” is moving towards the best seller lists, and she writes a good bit about those wrongfully convicted.  You can read all about her new book by Clicking Here.

And why don’t newly created nations look to the U.S. Constitution as a model?  Few countries revising their constitutions following what is written in America’s founding document.  Why?  Tulane Law Professor Vernon Palmer, who has written several constitutions for other countries, will be my guest to answer this question. He has written extensively about systems of “mixed jurisdictions”–legal systems with both a common and civil law content.  Read more about Prof. Palmer’s writing by Clicking Here.  So be sure and tune in this weekend.

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