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The weekend is rolling around, and before you know it, The Common Sense radio show will be live and broadcasting all across American and worldwide.  In this crazy would in which we live, there is always much to talk about.  Penn State?  Will this troubling controversy ever subside?  And just what should the University do? Shut down the football program?  I’ll give you my thoughts this weekend.

And how about making it mandatory for every American over the age of 18 to vote?  Or get fined.  Australia does it.  So do twenty one Latin American countries.  Good idea or bad?  Check out my new column above and we will talk about it this weekend.

Do you know that former President Bill Clinton has become a vegan, and do you even know what a vegan really is?  An eating and lifestyle that hopefully keeps the heart and other organs ticking and working well right up to a ripe old age.  Dr. Ann Gittleman, from California, will join us at 9:30 central time to discuss how you can become healthier yet still enjoy what you eat.  Should you eat meat and dairy products?  What are the best substitutes?  Dr. Gittleman has a great nutritional website at www.annlouise.com, and nutrition advice at www.smoothieshakedown.com.  Her new book, “Fat Slush for Life” has a number of great tips, and you can read all about it by Clicking here.

All this and more on the Radio this weekend.  Be sure and tune in.



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